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Are you a person of peace?

There are two kinds of people in this world.  People of Peace and People of Strife.  The question we must ask ourselves is ‘which one am I?’ How can you become a person of peace?

Why are all Christians hypocrites?

Often times, people equate hypocrisy to Christians or the church. I totally agree! All Christians are hypocrites! The question is ‘why?’

Working toward reliability

I make promises and commitments I will not keep to people I care about and depend on me to follow through on my word. This is a very unsettling situation for someone who ‘prides’ themselves on personal integrity. The key word is ‘pride’. I have made huge moral and relational blunders in my past. My pride has blinded me to the fact that I am completely unreliable.

Should not I pity America, that great nation?

How would you describe the ‘tone’ in our nation today?
Would you describe it as charitable and peaceful or toxic and divisive?

We are a nation divided. The media is helping to drive the division. As a Christ-follower, I must counter this division with a comprehensive worldview anchored the word of God. I am called to think redemptively and pursue reconciliation through God’s love. Why is it so hard?

Repurposing Rage – A Voice from the Street

I am the quiet voice of the homeless living in the camps within your cities. I am the one you see on the sidewalk as you walk to work or take your kids to school. You are afraid to make eye contact with me because you think all I want is your money. So, you turn your gaze away. In doing so, your heart turns cold.

U.S. Elections: What the heck just happened?

A good friend of mine in Montreal Canada posted a comment on Facebook this morning. He and I are on different sides of the political spectrum. So, here we are on the first page of a new chapter in history. As the ink spills and fills the future pages of this book, it is worth noting ‘what the heck just happened’ is not a political shift but a cultural shift.

We Become Whatever We Pursue

Training for my first triathlon revealed the damage of my pursuit of partying. My lungs didn’t work properly, my swim sucked and I could not run more than a few miles.
After my first race, I realized something had changed.

By This We Know Love

Look for the sacrifice. An act of the will will be involved. It will be an abiding affection, delight and commitment by the one expressing it.

Humility Matters

If you could listen to others describe you, do you think they would say that you are ‘humble’? We live in a culture that places a higher value on personality over humility.