The sun darkening at noon

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“The sun darkening at noon is a fit accompaniment of the death of Jesus. Is it not?” – C.H. Spurgeon 1896 (Three Hours of Darkness) Every Good Friday, I attempt to explore the agony of the Cross of Christ. It is a wonder beyond comprehension. Read of it in the Gospels and you’ll find your heart pierced. Below are thoughts stirred by Spurgeon as he brings three hours of darkness into focus. There is a link at the end to read his sermon in its entirety. Veiled in darkness a cosmic transaction occurred. Mockers and murderers groped in the absence […]

Why aren’t you serving?

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This message is for those who have placed their trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord; aka believers, Christ-followers, (authentic Christians), those who make up the body of Christ, the Church. If you are not in this group, what I’m going to say does not apply to you. By all means, continue reading as you may find what I have to say interesting, who knows? This message is for those who call themselves ‘Christians’. Moving on. There are two kinds of Christians. The first kind are those who are sold out for the cause of Christ. These folks are […]