Revolution of a Man

If you think the church is full of hypocrites, you are right

In this cultural moment, virtue signaling is all the rage. Everyone seems to be putting up a front to show the world how good they are to elevate their social position. Often times, people equate hypocrisy to Christians. I totally agree!

Remember when Jesus prayed for us? (a reflection)

Before our Savior marched to the cross, He prayed.  He cast the seeds of His Gospel into the eternal hearts of future generations – the Martin Luthers, the William Wilburforces, the Charles Spurgeons, the Jim Elliots, the Billy Grahams and so on

Goal Setting – a proven system

I’m often asked how I go about goal setting. So, I decided to share my goal setting system. You may not a goal-setter or you could be goal guru.  Wherever you find yourself, I hope you find value here. My biggest obstacle in reaching my goals is me.

Three strikes and you’re NOT out – comeback from failure

In his book on leadership Lieutenant General Hal Moore said, “In the game of baseball, three strikes and you’re out. Not so in the game of life. Three strikes and you’re not out.”  Failure, properly understood can be a s set up for a comeback.

A message for men that you don’t want to hear

Today boys, young as 8 years old are immersed in pornography, addicted to violent games/movies and have ZERO respect for human life. As a result, girls (and sometimes boys) are objects for their personal gratification, other children are targets for destruction and parents exist to feed and pamper them.

A post you are too lazy to read on DISCIPLINE

If I have discipline about what I eat and how much I exercise, I feel good, think clearly and I have the freedom to participate in a variety of activities in life. Modern America is a nation marked by self-centeredness, immaturity, blame, victimhood, permissiveness and sanctioned negligence.

Film: Saved by the Storm

“Save by the Storm” is a short documentary about one man’s redemption in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 storm that devastated the Texas Coast in August 2017

Two Characteristics of Good Leadership

There are two kinds of leaders, good leaders and bad leaders. Leadership is simply influence. Influence can be used for good or ill.

Rescue them from evil – Prayer in 3D

I’ve been praying that God would bring victory over the scourge of trafficking in our city. I have also been quietly praying for humility and compassion. He answered my prayer in 3D

I gotta fever and the only prescription is more JOY!

I too thirst for Joy! We all do. It’s been tough and trying year for many of us, and the only prescription is more Joy! I discovered a treasure I could hold in my heart at dawn of a new year

Pondering Glory – For on this world the Creator has stood

For on this world the Creator has stood… “and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth.”

Blurry Lights – Grief and the Holidays

Those who grieve can help the grieving. When the lights are blurry, remember many others experiencing the same thing. God’s kindly light shines through the fog of pain and grief.

Local Outreach: Philosophy of Ministry Part 1

There must be a philosophy of ministry undergirding our mission; community outreach. My role is to equip our people and give away the ministry.

Unbridled Skepticism: Rebelling against everything

Unbridled skepticism undermines our thinking.  It is a revolt against knowing. The belief that nothing can be known for certain has run amuck in modern western culture.

A man’s morning prayer – November 4, 2017

Prayer – I look to you today for guidance, contentment and strength. Help me be a good husband, father and minister – a faithful servant

Hurricane Harvey (Video): A story from the Texas Coast

This short vide tells the story of how God has worked in a forgotten place, using a tiny church to serve a community in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The art in the ordinary of life

Our actions and attitudes during the quiet moments of the ordinary tell quite a bit about our character and spiritual life.

Can you look into the world and feel it’s pain?

So much pain, brokenness and loss is all around. God touched me and healed a part of my heart that had been dying in indifference.

Hurricane Harvey: The challenge for every Texan

Hurricane Harvey: Every time people along the coast hear, “Help Houston”, they are hearing something else, an unintended message of, “We have forgotten you!”

Fatherhood: A Father’s Gain – Part 2

Fatherhood is hard. In last week’s post, I described a father’s gain. This week, the story of fatherhood continues.

Fatherhood: A Father’s Gain – Part 1

Fatherhood ain’t easy. As with many father-son relationships, there can be seasons of distance and contention. Sometimes there is a gain to be had.